Galanolawanda's blog

My name is Galanolawanda and I am a fitness expert and a nutritionist by profession

Hello friends. My name is Sandy and I am a fitness expert and a nutritionist by profession. I had decided to set up this blog because I want to let the people know what they should do for their fitness and specifically what thing they can do to avoid depression.

Depression is a state of a person, in which he feels depressed, helpless, tensed and may be sometimes feel reduction in energy. Depression can be avoided if we reduce the occurrence of those factors which causes it. These factors include may be some medications, emotional disturbance, past serious illness, conflicts or any other task which makes a person tensed and depressed. If the reasons behind all these circumstances are come to know then these circumstances can be avoided which eventually would lead to the decrease or avoid from depression.

After the diagnosis of depression, consultation with a doctor must be done so that he may be able to control the depression on perfect time. Certain medical treatment would help the patient in lowering down the intensity of depression. Anti-depression medicines are usually recommended by the doctors to lessen or avoid the depression. As soon as someone experience symptoms of depression, he/she should consult the doctor for its treatment.